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Software Subscriptions, Cloud Security and Your Business: A Match Made in Heaven

Has your business been stymied by limited software? The space between creative cloud and traditional licensing options is ever widening, as cloud-based applications offer a host of benefits that standard options don’t. With the increasing client based of cloud providers, there is a need for cyber insurance. […]

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The Best Recipe for Cybersecurity Breach Prevention

Small businesses can’t begin to compete with the cash large businesses are injecting into their cybersecurity breach prevention plans. Target’s $88 million investment to improve its cybersecurity reveals just how important it has become to large and small businesses alike. SMBs can follow suit and make wise, […]

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Cybersecurity: Do Your Email Channels Put Yours at Risk?

One of the best-kept secrets about email security is that most organizations don’t know all of the “users” using their email domain. It’s easy enough to feel confident that your corporate email and marketing transactions are compliant, but it’s not so easy to identify the types of […]

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Cybercrime and Digital Forensic Investigation: A Winning Combination

Cyber insurance is one way organizations can fight cybercrime. Behind the scenes, however, laws and sentencing are getting tighter in response to the rise in cyber-attacks, while experts are creating more precise ways to identify cyber criminals. Using digital forensic science, investigators are figuring out how where […]

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Mobile Apps: A Guide for Safe Employee Use

It’s likely happening in your organization, whether you have an official policy or not. Employees are probably running software applications on their own mobile devices or employer-issued devices to access company information. If you don’t have an official policy outlining usage guidelines for mobile apps or the […]

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Data Breach FAQ for SMBs

High-profile data breaches at retail establishments like Home Depot and Target and large corporations like Sony have brought awareness to the problem. Every SMB should at least have a basic understanding of why breaches happen and be aware that they’re a very real possibility. Beyond that, however, […]

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Cybersecurity: Healthcare Organizations Can Learn from Mistakes

Healthcare entities have a lot at stake when it comes to cybersecurity. Sensitive patient data released into the public sphere puts everyone on edge. How can technology propel healthcare organizations forward if it’s founded on a fear of a breach, and a very real fear at that? […]

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The NIST Framework: Why SMBs Should Care About It

In a previous blog post, DataSurer covered the ins and outs of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework, a document that helps SMBS assess risk, create better cybersecurity measures and improve their performance. While the core outcomes, implementation tiers, and profiles are the three […]

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SMBs Learn from Data Breaches in 2014

Good or bad, last year saw an astounding number of significant data breaches, which left many a business wondering how to effectively deal with cybersecurity. If big corporations like Target, Adobe, Sony and more can’t successfully guard against attacks, what are SMBs to do to feel confident […]

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Need a Reason to Hire a Cyber Insurance Agent in Coral Springs?

Protecting data used to mean locking the file cabinet, but now that it’s 2015, the vast majority of companies choose to store their valuable information electronically. Protecting data these days is a far more complex process involving numerous layers of virtual safeguards. However, data breaches are still […]

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