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As a cloud service provider, having the trust of your clients with their personal and confidential information is a must. DataSurer has access to exclusive programs that will help alleviate some of that concern.

With this new Security and Data Breach Contractual Response Program, every one of your customers can have their own dedicated limit of data breach & loss insurance.  With this new coverage you can provide peace of mind to customers and have a unique product differentiator to grow your business.

Data breach coverage items your clients will have on this program are as follows:

  1. Forensic Audit Expenses – costs of a security assessment conducted by a qualified assessor to determine cause and extent of a data security event
  2. Data Restoration Expenses – costs for a client to restore, recreate or recollect electronic data that was damaged or lost as a result of an event
  3. Compliance Penalties – civil fines or penalties imposed against a client by a government entity or agency, or a monetary assessment imposed by a payment card association (such as PCI/DSS)

Post-Event Expenses:

  • Event/Breach Notification letters – ALL legal consultation, printing & mailing expenses
  • Identity Theft Call Center Assistance – Call center set up for individuals affected by the event to address these items:
  • Identity Restoration Services – Services for your client’s fraud victims to restore their credit as a result of an event
  •  Identity Monitoring Services – Fraud monitoring of a victim’s credit and identity as a result of an event
  •  Victim Cost Reimbursement – Out of pocket expenses that a victim incurs to restore their identity as a result of an event


Available limits: $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000

Program pricing is as low as a 5% increase to your monthly client data or cloud-based service offering. Managed Network Security Service Providers are also eligible for this revolutionary new product.

About DataSurer

Storing sensitive data about your employees, customers and financial transactions on your organization’s servers poses unique risks for your business. A single data breach can effectively destroy the brand you’ve spent years building. Trust the experts at DataSurer with your cyber liability needs.

Our technology-insurance experts are leading the industry in best practices. Small and medium businesses, medical, financial, governmental and other organizations realize the risk cyber attacks have for their organizations and the need for effective guidance to purchase the right coverage, and they are turning to DataSurer.



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