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Defend Your Business with Data Breach Insurance

Bringing your business into the ever-growing technological world of internet transactions and listings can gain countless new customers. Unfortunately, the same online presence can bring unwanted attention from those who want to bring harm to you and your business. Data breaches are becoming increasingly commonplace in the news, with businesses from large corporations to small mom and pop shops falling victim. Working with a cyber insurance broker can help protect you and your business from these technological threats.

Today’s thieves are becoming increasingly clever in their tactics. Break-ins and robberies are no longer limited to physical stores, they can also occur in digital spaces. Any business is prone to incredibly harmful data breaches these days. The 2013 Target data breach is still fresh in the memories of many consumers, with the retail giant having to clean up a reported $148 million in damages! Our cyber insurance brokers can connect your business with data breach insurance that will help you protect your sensitive information and provide assistance in the instance of a breach.

We offer a full range of options to keep your business safe. We help your business with the financial burdens brought on by an attack, our data breach insurance can help your business with costly consequences such as legal expenses, liability expenses and public relations. Our assistance doesn’t stop there! We’re able to connect you with professionals who can help your business comply with regulations and better prepare your business to face everyday dangers like viruses and malware.

If your company handles sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, billing addresses or bank account information your business is susceptible to catastrophic damages from a data breach attack. In the event of a data breach, you may feel helpless and lost. There is no need to lose hope in the event of a data breach when you’ve invested in our services. We’re there to guide you through this unfortunate circumstance, and we have the knowledge and experience to provide you and your business with the best assistance possible. We can team you up with your very own “Data Breach Coach,” an attorney that is well versed in the legal processes surrounding a data breach. We can even assist with computer forensics investigation!

The processes of purchasing data breach insurance can seem incredibly confusing, especially if you’ve never pursued such a service before. That’s where our professional cyber insurance brokers can make all the difference. They will meet with you and assess your technology infrastructures to determine which risks your business may be vulnerable to. Our team understands that each business has different data breach insurance needs, and can tailor a plan that fits your specific situation. Give us a call today to help defend your business from dangerous data breaches.

About DataSurer

Storing sensitive data about your employees, customers and financial transactions on your organization’s servers poses unique risks for your business. A single data breach can effectively destroy the brand you’ve spent years building. Trust the experts at DataSurer with your cyber liability needs.

Our technology-insurance experts are leading the industry in best practices. Small and medium businesses, medical, financial, governmental and other organizations realize the risk cyber attacks have for their organizations and the need for effective guidance to purchase the right coverage, and they are turning to DataSurer.



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