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What are the Benefits of Cyber Risk Insurance?

There are many security threats to businesses these days. Of course you need to protect your business with sturdy locks and perhaps even an alarm system, but the threats your business faces are growing more complex. These days, businesses need to protect themselves from intruders that aren’t coming in through the door, but rather through the computer. As the world grows more digitized, your business places increasingly compromising information in online venues for added convenience. Your business may have ease of access to the data, but it’s also prone to hacking from outside sources. Cyber risk insurance is vital for any business using today’s interconnected computer systems. At DataSurer, we feel that cyber insurance is vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Cyber attacks can happen at any time, day or night. They’re a continual threat that can uproot aspects of your business, rendering your business inoperable. If valuable customer data is compromised, you may even face hefty legal fees. You may also have to pay considerable fees for public relations services to revive your image, along with expenses to notify each affected party. The costs of recovering from a cyber attack can often be more costly than what has been lost during the cyber attack itself. Larger corporations may be able to take the financial hit, but for smaller local business a cyber attack can be the nail in the financial coffin. For many businesses, it’s not the cyber attack itself that brings an end, it’s the costs of recuperating from the attack that can mean the end of the business.

There are so many things which can go wrong from a cyber attack, but our cyber risk insurance can help give you protection and peace of mind. Cyber insurance can help protect your company from the often overwhelming costs of a cyber attack. Just as car insurance pays for damages to your vehicle, our cyber insurance can help pay for the costs which may erupt after a cyber attack. Each coverage policy is different, but some of our options include:

  • Crisis Management
  • Security Liability
  • Computer Forensics Investigation
  • Protection from Cyber Ransom
  • Data Reconstruction
  • Customer Notification Expenses

Our expert cyber insurance brokers can help you understand the risks your business faces, helping design a cyber insurance policy which fits your needs. Our brokers at DataSurer possess detailed understanding of technologies, including infrastructure and risks. Our knowledgeable brokers can help you understand your cyber insurance options, endorsements, terms, definitions and exclusions. When you work with our team at DataSurer, you’ll rest assured that your cyber attack risks are being addressed with proactive insurances that help protect your business.

The time to consider your course of action in the event of a cyber attack isn’t after the attack has happened, but well before. Preparedness and preventative actions are key in helping protect your business, customers and livelihood from cyber threats. Our experts at DataSurer can help protect your business with customized cyber risk insurance plans. Call today to get started on giving your business the cyber protection it needs.

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Storing sensitive data about your employees, customers and financial transactions on your organization’s servers poses unique risks for your business. A single data breach can effectively destroy the brand you’ve spent years building. Trust the experts at DataSurer with your cyber liability needs.

Our technology-insurance experts are leading the industry in best practices. Small and medium businesses, medical, financial, governmental and other organizations realize the risk cyber attacks have for their organizations and the need for effective guidance to purchase the right coverage, and they are turning to DataSurer.



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