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Why Do I Need Intellectual Property Insurance?

Today’s computer systems are the lifeblood for any business in South Florida. They store staggering amounts of information including vital professional and personal data about you and your employees. But what happens when your computer system has been compromised? A data breach can result in the theft or destruction of intellectual property and can have devastating effects on your company as well as the professional and personal lives of your employees. Is your business protected from a cyber attack? To protect your company and employees, it’s vital to have intellectual property insurance. The professionals at DataSurer can provide the help you need to find the best price on intellectual property insurance.

DataSurer consists of insurance and technology professionals who are experts at evaluating computer systems and determining their risk for a data breach. They can work with your team of IT professionals and provide solutions to protect your intellectual property as well as find the best insurance coverage in the event of a cyber attack. In addition to helping protect your computer system, the professionals at DataSurer are also experts in the insurance industry. Because not all cyber risk insurance is the same, it’s important to have a professional on your side who can help your company navigate through the process.

Intellectual property insurance is designed to help companies relieve their financial burden which can result from data breaches and expensive IP lawsuits. A data breach is not only the loss of vital data, it’s also the theft of intellectual property. Because today’s computer systems are more sophisticated than ever before, it’s important to have the right coverage to protect your business. Cyber insurance. Many companies spend extravagant amounts of money to manage and protect their computer systems. But having the best staff of IT professionals doesn’t guarantee your business is safe from a cyber attack. There are currently two types of intellectual property insurance available:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Abatement Insurance:
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement Defense Insurance

IP Abatement Insurance enables the policy holder to enforce their property rights against alleged infringers. The insurance policy provides the necessary funds and services allowing policy holders greater ability to enforce, protect and negotiate their IP rights. Infringement Defense Insurance helps reimburse the funds and legal expenses and damages awarded against the insured to defend against charges of IP infringement.

Intellectual property insurance not only protects companies from a data breach, it also protects them from a lawsuit from another party. Take the first and important step to protect your valuable data with intellectual property insurance. Contact the professionals at DataSurer today.

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Storing sensitive data about your employees, customers and financial transactions on your organization’s servers poses unique risks for your business. A single data breach can effectively destroy the brand you’ve spent years building. Trust the experts at DataSurer with your cyber liability needs.

Our technology-insurance experts are leading the industry in best practices. Small and medium businesses, medical, financial, governmental and other organizations realize the risk cyber attacks have for their organizations and the need for effective guidance to purchase the right coverage, and they are turning to DataSurer.



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